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Bio-Clean Septic Bacteria

According to the packaging, nothing gets drains or septic tanks cleaner than Bio-Clean. That’s quite a promise and if you’re someone who has ever suffered with slow drains, then there’s a good chance it will pique your interest. But is it an accurate claim?


Bio-Clean is an interesting concept that works using natural, healthy bacteria and enzymes. The bacteria are grown in incubators and from there they are mixed with a number of enzymes and ‘other helpers’.

Once they’re mixed with water, they become active in 30 minutes and the bacteria is known to consume its own weight in waste in just about one minute. More impressive still, the bacteria will actually multiply and this will mean that it continues to spread and dissolve more and more waste.

The product is approved by the EPA in all 50 states and is completely safe and healthy to use in your sink. It is also highly versatile and can be used in kitty litter boxes, drains, tanks and pretty much everything else. It can even be used as an organic decomposer.


One the plus side, this is a healthy, natural and highly effective solution if you struggle with blocked drains or any other issues. Bio-Clean offers a great way to not only get your drains and pipes running smoothly but also to make sure they stay that way and to keep out future blockages.

It’s also particularly useful where you have particularly large spaces to clean or where other options have failed. What’s more, is that it will also create a much more thorough clean, even affecting the quality of your water.

Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria

One reviewer said this:

I have a home that was built in 1924. I have had issues with accumulating sludge in my sewer line. I have had the lines cleared, only to have the issue come back several months later…I followed the directions, did the shock treatment of treating all the drains for 5 days. Didn't see much happening, then two days ago, I had a backup after flushing the toilet.

The instructions said that might happen, so I plunged, flushed, plunged a few times. I heard a popping sound and then what sounded like rushing water. Within a half an hour, my drains never ran cleaner, the water in the sewer drain is crystal clear, no more dirty, dank water and no backups. Honestly, I am still amazed!


The other pro? It is actually a fascinating process and one that can even make for something of a biology lesson for the kids!


On the negative side, a single 2lb tub is $45 at the time of writing. This is quite expensive and especially considering that vinegar and baking soda makes an effective organic solution in many cases. Then again, it’s cheaper than a lot of drain cleaners that recommend you to use entire bottles at a time and that often don’t do the job.

Septic Water


That’s why this is highly recommended when baking soda and vinegar just won’t do the job. Not only is this an effective solution that works when nothing else seems to but it is also a healthier option than pouring copious amounts of bleach into your sink!

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