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The Many Benefits of Organic Soap

If you suffer from any number of different skin problems, then you might wish to consider taking a long, hard look at your current choice in soap. Soap may seem innocuous enough but the reality is that a lot of the commercial soaps you buy in stores actually contain large amounts of harmful ingredients.

Not only can these irritate the skin by drying it out and causing rashes and allergies but they can also cause a wealth of other problems – potentially even making you ill! This is why more and more people are choosing to make the switch to organic hand soap – and it’s why you should maybe consider doing the same…

The Problem With Soaps

Your regular commercial soaps tend to use a large number of synthetic ingredients. What this means, is that they were formulated in a lab and not based on any original, healthy ingredients.

Washing Hands with a Bar of Soap

Examples of these compounds include dyes, fragrances and even estrogenic elements that can lower testosterone levels in men leading to infertility and even impotence! This is in combination of phthalates, which are also linked with reproductive disorders.

One of the most worrying regular ingredients is something called triclosan, which is a carcinogen and toxin. This substance can potentially continue acting for up to 12 hours after initial contact!

And the thing to remember here is that the skin is porous. If a soap touches your hands, that means it will be absorbed into your skin and then into your bloodstream. So if you wouldn’t feel happy eating it, you should probably avoid rubbing it all over your body!

Even the soaps that don’t include any outright dangerous chemicals will often be so astringent as to completely dry out the skin as well as removing all of the ‘good’ bacteria that the skin (and our overall health) actually benefits from. This post contains more of the risks linked with regular soaps.

The Benefits of Natural Organic Soap

When you use organic hand soap on the other hand, you’ll be using a product that is made from only naturally occurring ingredients. These are all derived from various plants, herbs and foods – things that you literally would feel happy to eat. And that doesn’t just mean that the soaps aren’t bad for you, it also means they are good for you.

Five Homemade Bars of Organic Soap

In other words, there are specific benefits that come from using soaps made with ingredients that come from nature.

For example, most natural organic soap will use some kind of essential oil. Essential oils are regularly antimicrobial and antibacterial (hence why they work) but they’re also highly fragrant, naturally moisturising and filled with great nutrients.

Instead of stripping your hands of their natural chemicals and smelling like a hospital, you are providing your skin with natural and helpful vitamins and minerals while lathering with a natural, pleasantly scented ingredient!

Can Organic Soaps Really Work?

The question a lot of people will ask at this point, is whether an organic hand soap can really work as well as something formulated in a lab. How can this possibly be as effective?

The answer is that the best organic soap is every bit as effective and the thing to remember here is that we evolved in the wild, during which time we survived and thrived on only ingredients we could find that way. Our idea of moisturising back then was to cover our bodies with mud – which actually are filled with natural beneficial minerals and nutrients!

Three Bars of Organic Soap in Natural Setting

Nature can provide literally everything that we need to be healthy and happy – and if that wasn’t true then we wouldn’t be here today!

How to Make Organic Soap

If you’re interested in living a more organic lifestyle and trying to avoid hurtful chemicals (which you should be!), then the good news is that there are plenty of resources online that provide recipes and instructions for making your own homemade soaps.

This link shares one such recipe, which we will also share here for convenience.

That is:

  • 3 cups of glycerine soap base
  • ¼ cup infusion of lavender flowers and rosemary leaves
  • 1 ½ teaspoons of lavender oil
  • ​½ teaspoon of rosemary oil
  • 1 teaspoon of pulverized dry rosemary

To make your own infusion, you simply need to pour steaming water over plant parts and steep for around 10 minutes. For the true organic effect, the water should also be non-chlorinated!

Changing The Recipe

Some people with very dry skin may find this a little harsh, in which case you can try using different combinations of essential oils to try and avoid those stronger ingredients.

As mentioned, essential oils don’t just smell great, they can also act as anti-inflammatories, anti-fungals, anti-bacterials and even analgesics. This means that the soap described above will not only look and smell beautiful but it will also be perfect for soothing, healing and cleaning the skin. You can add and remove essential oils to your liking, to create something safe for your skin and that you’ll enjoy the smell of!

And the best part? Not only are these organic bar soap recipes fun to make, they’re also highly affordable and they can make fantastic gifts.

Buying Organic Soap

Another option is to look online and to buy organic hand soap ready made. Often, you can still find organic hand soap that has been handmade and in many cases, you’ll be able to really feel and see the love and care that went into it.

Once again, this will help you to get your organic bar soap much more cheaply and without any ill side effects. And if you’re looking to find these soaps, then you can find a long list of organic soap reviews right on this site, with convenient links. We’ve also looked at and discussed organic shampoo, organic laundry detergent and even organic makeup to ensure that you can live an entirely organic lifestyle.

Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar

When selecting your own products, just make sure that you know all the ingredients before you go ahead. Unfortunately, manufacturers are under no obligation to share the ingredients they use in their products, which means you never can quite be sure what you’ll be rubbing on your body! Choose companies that are transparent and honest instead.

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