Silk18 Natural Conditioner Bottle

Silk18 Natural Conditioner By Maple Holistics

Silk18 is a natural condition from Maple Holistics that is completely sulfate free and features specially formulated ingredients to help treat dry and damaged hair.


If you have dry and damaged hair, then a common response might be to try and wash it more. If your hair is damaged, then more hair care can only be a good thing right?

Unfortunately though, if you are using a regular shampoo, this might actually be the worst thing you can do for your scalp and hair. The reason for this is that a lot of conventional shampoos and conditioners actually include damaging ingredients that can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it brittle and dry.

Damaged Hair Ends

Other ingredients can be harmful to the skin and commonly cause allergic reactions, while many are actually toxic and may cause both short and long-term health issues. Particularly alarming are the many estrogenic compounds found in such products.

What’s key to remember is that anything you rub on your skin will eventually make its way into your blood – if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t lather it in!

Silk18 aims to solve this problem however by using a blend of only natural ingredients. These include 18 different amino acids (the building blocks of protein and carbon), lots of natural oils and keratin.


The biggest pro of this product is that it is completely natural and moisturising. This is the ideal solution for those who have damaged their hair with lots of straightening, dyes or astringent products. The reviews on Amazon attest to this and there are many photos showing just how well it can work. Of course fans of this site know that the natural solution is often the best!

Silk18 Natural Conditioner Package

One reviewer had this to say:

This product, honestly and truly, is a miracle product. I know, I know- you've heard it before. You've tried argan oil, conditioning treatments, overnight creams, curl cream, mousse, keratin, coconut oil, and pretty much every brand of shampoo/conditioner on the shelf. LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THIS PRODUCT.

First of all, I am including pictures on a review for the first time ever because 1.) obviously, you have to see the before/after difference and 2.) I want you to all be assured that when I say I have poofy hair, I actually mean POOFY HAIR.


Another big pro? It’s actually very affordable! Why pay more for your hair conditioner when you can get something so beneficial at such a low price?


One possible downside of Silk18 is that the Amazon listing does not include a full breakdown of the ingredients. This can be a warning sign in some cases but we can safely give Silk18 the benefit of the doubt, seeing as Maple Holistics is a well-known and trusted brand.

Three Bottles of Silk18 Natural Conditioner

This really is the only very minor concern however, overall it’s an excellent conditioner with tons of rave reviews.


Overall, this is an excellent option if you want to condition your hair and combat dry, frizzy or brittle hair. This is what conditioning should really mean – nourishing with natural and healthy moisturisers and providing tons of beneficial amino acids, minerals and vitamins in the process. If you have ever wanted softer hair, this is definitely one to check out.

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