Different Kinds of Dried Fruit in a Store

Super Berry Fusion Organic Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a natural, tasty and healthy snack that isn’t covered in additives, sugars and trans-fats.

The problem with most sweets and snacks these days is that they’re incredibly unnatural and just packed with unhealthy chemicals and don’t offer you any useful nutrients in return. These are what are known as ‘empty calories’, meaning that they are high in calories and low in anything good for you.

Dried fruits however are just as sweet as many candies but while offering you all the vitamins and minerals of regular fruit. They can even be used as a way to trick kids into eating their five a day!

Opened Made in Nature Super Berry Fusion Organic Dried Fruit

Made in Nature make a great brand of dried fruits, so let’s take a look at them…


This is a 24 ounce bag of dried fruits that come packed in a resealable zipper bag. This means that you can enjoy dipping into them whenever you get a hunger pang and then close them again. They have no gluten and no added sugar, so they’re very clearly aimed at the healthy market.

The ingredients include:


Organic cranberries, organic seedless raisins, organic dried tart cherries, organic dry roasted pepita seeds, organic blueberries, organic goji berries, organic apple juice concentrate, organic sunflower oil.

There are no artificial flavors.


These are an absolutely delicious selection of fruits and offer a very good selection of different fruits. That’s great for taste because it means you’re getting a lot of variety but it’s also good news in terms of the vitamins and minerals because the range of fruits means you get a range of different benefits.

Made in Nature Super Berry Fusion Organic Dried Fruit Package

Love this mix. So happy to find it through Amazon, I purchased this from Costco, but they discontinued it pretty quickly. I love the sweet, but not too sweet and the mix of a little crunch with the seeds. I am allergic to most nuts, so the seeds are a nice change from the heavy nutted trail mix. Also love this is low in fat. It is a great snack, I carry it my car and take handfuls of this all day long.

from Amazon.com

At the same time, these are certified USDA organic, which means you can rest assured that they haven’t been anywhere near pesticides or other unwanted chemicals that could cause unwanted health effects.

Dried fruits are an ideal snack for the health conscious because they have all the benefits of fruit and all the flavour of candies!


On the downside, these dried fruits are somewhat pricey. This is to be expected with organic fruits however, that do require a little more effort and expense to grow. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself how much your health is worth to you!

Different Kinds of Dried Fruit in white bowls


As a healthy snack, it doesn’t get much better than dried fruit! This product is completely natural, completely organic and has rave reviews regarding the taste… so a great choice all round!

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